Alpharetta Tractor Trailer Lawyers

If you are faced with a legal dilemma regarding the ownership of a tractor trailer, you should consider hiring the services of a Georgia based attorney. You may be entitled to compensation based on the volume of tonnes or tonnage and the condition of your Georgia vehicle. If you have recently purchased a trailer and are in need of expert legal advice, you may be able to make use of the services of an attorney specialized in dealing with trailers. An attorney can assess your case and guide you in the right direction as to whether or not you have a case against the owner of the tractor trailer. He can also help you deal with dealerships and insurance companies that may be at fault for the accident that ultimately led to your lawsuit.

There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a trailer that meets all the basic requirements and having it fall victim to a major accident. When this happens, it’s important that you have legal counsel to help you mount your case against the owner of the trailer. While there is generally nothing that a Georgia based attorney can do to help you get compensation, it is possible to retain him or her. In many instances, the owner of the trailer may attempt to contest your case. If this occurs, an experienced trailer lawyer will be able to help you protect your rights and obtain what you deserve.

What types of accidents could constitute a basis for a claim? Any accident where the tractor, vehicle or the trailer was damaged by another vehicle, other than a vehicle owned by the owner, is a basis for a lawsuit. Other instances where this might occur include vehicular duress, reckless driving, failure to properly maintain brakes and other negligence. These types of accidents are covered by the tort law of the state in which the accident occurred.

What does a trailer lawyer do once your case has been filed? He or she will undertake to conduct discovery about the accident and any other facts that may become important during the litigation. Next, the attorney will consult with you regarding the scope of the complaint that you have filed. This will typically include obtaining your official reports from the authorities, submitting a list of medical and physical damages, and consulting with you and your family about your case. The trailer lawyer will then proceed to process your lawsuit.

What if I don’t have substantial evidence to support my lawsuit? Your lawyer may advise you to seek a trial. If this occurs, the trailer lawyer will work on your behalf to secure the necessary evidence to support your case. Attorneys who specialize in tractor accident cases often receive high rates for their services, but should you choose to pursue a case without strong evidence, you may risk the loss of your right to compensation.

How is a trailer lawyer different from a truck or automobile lawyer? Whereas automobile and truck lawyers represent a specific party in a given case, a trailer lawyer represents all parties in your claim. In addition, while the automobile and truck lawyer files court documents, prepares for court, and presents your case for trial, a trailer lawyer travels to the site of the incident, and works on your behalf in the months following the accident. They often are called upon to make telephone calls, visit the scene, interviews with witnesses, collect and evaluate evidence, draft legal documents and estimates, and meet with various insurance adjusters and their representatives. A trailer lawyer has a thorough understanding of all aspects of your case, including the insurance industry, juries, judges, and prosecutors, and the requirements that must be met for you to obtain compensation.

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